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People are learning the wrong lessons from the Facebook Papers

Recent Facebook leaks have prompted an avalanche of suggestions for fixing social media’s negative effects on society. These include demands for increased oversight by executives and boards of companies, regulators, or both. However, these proposals do not address the main problem of the attention-economy, which cannot be fixed by top-down control. The problem lies at...

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Apple’s app tracking popup reportedly costs social media platforms nearly $10 billion

A report by the Financial Times showed that Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter lost approximately $9.85 billion in revenue due to Apple’s privacy changes. Apple last year announced the App Tracking transparency (ATT) policy, which requires that apps ask permission to track users. In April this year, the policy was finally implemented. Apps can no longer...

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Facebook’s Laughable Campaign Against Apple Is Really Against Users and Small Businesses | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Facebook is trying to convince you that it’s a protector of small businesses. Given Facebook’s track record of anticompetitive behavior and privacy issues this is hardly believeable. The main target of Facebook’s new ad campaign is Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature that Apple has deployed with iOS 14. Instead of letting users being tracked by...

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