Custom IKANGAI GPT is an AI-driven project that brings the power of AI-driven communication to businesses seeking continuous engagement with their customers. Leveraging a customized version of OpenAI's Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT), this project offers an innovative solution for delivering AI-generated news and insights, tailored to the unique needs of each user.


24/7 Customer Engagement

Our custom GPT ensures our business remains connected with customers around the clock, providing timely and relevant content.

AI-Powered Content

By utilizing the advanced capabilities of GPT to generate insightful and engaging news, we keep our audience informed and (hopefully) interested.

Personal Interaction

The ability to understand natural language and respond in a friendly tone enables more personal customer interactions.

Technical Details

The "Custom IKANGAI GPT" project epitomizes the forefront of AI integration in customer engagement and content management. Central to its design is the aim to streamline interactions and bolster the digital footprint of businesses using AI tools. This is achieved by seamlessly integrating familiar systems such as WordPress and RSS feeds into a comprehensive communication platform.

OpenAI Custom GPT

The foundation is OpenAI's custom GPT that is adapted to suit specific business needs for content generation and customer interaction.


A seamless integration with WordPress is maintained via API ensuring up-to-date content of the web page for the custom GPT.

OpenAI Function Calling

The project fetches data from various sources such as RSS Feeds or WordPress APIs using the function calling abilities of OpenAI.

RSS Feed Integration

Fresh data is integrated via RSS feeds. This allows the GPT to pull in the latest news and updates from various sources, keeping the content relevant.

Prompt Engineering

The custom GPT is instructed with dedicated prompts to curate and customise content from various feeds, tailoring it to the audience's preferences and the business's communication style.

OpenAPI Descriptions

OpenAPI Descriptions standardize RESTful API documentation, enabling streamlined development, integration, and clear communication of API functionalities.


Install the custom IKANGAI GPT to experience firsthand how it works.

Learn more

Check out these blog posts to learn more about how we implemented the custom GPT.

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