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Full service provider with expertise in concept development, consulting and implementation. Idea generator for new innovative strategies and concepts for customer communication.

Mobile Engagement and Marketing

We support your business in creating relevant mobile experiences for your customers and generate meaningful brand recognition.

Mobile Information and Interaction Design

We thoughtfully integrate context information when your customers interact with your services. In doing so we enhance your customer’s experience with your digital or physical touch points.


We actively participate in research projects to investigate new developments to potentially apply for our customer’s digital products and services.


With a strong in-house development team and development partners we cover all necessary steps from the initial analysis to the final product or service.
About Us

“IIKANGAE” is Japanese and translates as “good idea”. Founded 2009, we are an independent mobile solutions factory with years of expertise in developing and implementing digital business solutions. With a strong focus on mobile marketing and customer communication we help our customers with their mobile marketing strategy by integrating new efficient digital products and services.

After winning several research funding grants (AccentAWS Impulse XLAWS Innovative Service CallFFG) for the mobile customer engagement platform qonnect, we joined the ITEA SOLOMON (Social Local Mobile indoor shopping experience) project. Together with our European partners we now are integrating and further developing new technologies for the customer experience of the future.


Our Team consists of experts with years of experience in various professional fields: software engineering, web development, graphic design, motion design, mobile marketing and business consulting. Our year long strong partnership with Dellbruck Ventures, Agile Coderz, Innovaptor, MAAS and Rack7 enables us to provide full service solutions for our clients needs.

ITEA 3 / SOLOMON Project

IKANGAI has been a member of ITEA3 since February 2016. ITEA3 is part of the EUREKA Cluster program supporting innovative, industry-driven projects in the area of Software-intensive Systems & Services (SiSS). In May 2017 IKANGAI was appointed to helm the ITEA3 SOLOMON project and is coordinating the development efforts with international partners from Turkey, Spain and Romania. SOLOMON’S goal is to define a “shop operations & experience” platform connecting different technologies and information sources into seamless services that can be interacted with by the retailers, shop personnel and consumers. It focuses on the integration of online and brick-and-mortar store information and data related to customer experience, Digital in-store touch points, indoor localization, shop cartography and planogram, augmented reality and immersive space and provides a flexible and re-configurable software infrastructure.

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Selected Clients

Austria Sotheby’s International Realty, Boerseviertel Verein, Brainloop, calla BOX, Holmes Place Austria, Leo Hillinger, MAP Projekt GmbH, MAPL Beschaffungsberatung, MediaPrint, Metropol Wien, Morawa, Notariatskammer, Pantarhei Advisors, Platzer Industrie Holding, SKN St. Poelten, Wenzel Logistics


Accent, Agile Coderz, Beia Consult International, cerridan | design, Innovaptor, JOT Internet Media, MIT Group, Paycore, t-mob, Turkcell Teknoloji, Turkgen, World4You