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Recent Blog Entries

YouTube introduces audio ads

By Martin Treiber 19. November 2020
Google is moving into the audio ad territory on Youtube. This is particularly notable, since there are more than 2 billion monthly music listeners on…

LAL – Little Activity Language

By Martin Treiber 8. November 2020
lal is a lightweight Service composition and execution language that is tailored towards the requirements of mobile infrastructures. lal has a considerable small set of…

Call a BOX

By Martin Treiber 2. November 2020
Call a BOX is now live and online. The new innovative self storage system of our customer MediaPrint and Wenzel Logistics just officially launched. We…

Windows 10: PWA Office Apps

By Martin Treiber 20. October 2020
German platform reports that Mircosoft is experimenting with PWA (Progressive Web App) versions of their office suite with some users.  According to the author…