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The Shopping Avatar Goes Life

By Martin Treiber 24. May 2018
At the EUREKA Innovation Days in Helsinki we took the opportunity to introduce a working prototype of our Shopping Avatar, Mobile Personal Shopping Assistant, respectively,…

qonnect and the GDPR

By Martin Treiber 20. April 2018
Now that the GDPR is a month away, companies have accelerated their efforts to meet the requirements of this new European law. There are a…

The Shopping Avatar

By Martin Treiber 12. April 2018
Broadly defined, an “avatar” is a virtual being that represents a user in a virtual environment. This encompasses not only complex beings created for use…

Corporation Customer Communication

By Martin Treiber 9. April 2018
When communicating with customers, omotenashi can serve as guideline. It’s the Japanese way of good hosts making guests feel valued and respected by anticipating their…