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Clubhouse Data Leak

By Martin Treiber 26. July 2021
If you are not on clubhouse, chances are high that your phone number is. The clubhouse app makes use of a wide spread matching technique:…

Progressive Web Apps

By Martin Treiber 17. June 2021
The Internet is a remarkable invention. As user, you can use all kinds of devices to access services, stay in touch with your friends and…

Hey Siri, call a BOX!

By Martin Treiber 19. May 2021
Voice Interfaces are improving every year and voice assistants are becoming more powerful every year. Since Apple introduced Siri in 2011, companies likes Amazon and…

Partnership with MIT Group

By Martin Treiber 18. May 2021
Amman, Leobendorf, 18.5.2021. We are happy to announce the partnership with MIT Group in Software and Business Development covering the MENA region and the Sub-Sahara.…