Development Projects Through the Years

Over the years, our team has spearheaded a diverse range of development projects, spanning various industries and technologies. From building robust e-commerce platforms to crafting intuitive mobile applications, our portfolio reflects a rich tapestry of innovation and technical prowess. Each project, backed by meticulous research and collaborative brainstorming, not only met but often exceeded client expectations. Our history of successful deliveries stands testament to our commitment to excellence, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of creating impactful digital solutions.

call a BOX

Call a BOX is the simplest and most affordable self-storage solution for your things. We bring you your boxes, pick them up and bring them back to you.


Follow and stay up to date with the Boerseviertels society. The App will notify you about exclusive events and relevant news of the Boerseviertel.

Brainloop Now

Brainloop Now offers access to services and informations about the Brainloop platform. Benefit from a tailor-made and comprehensive user experience to Brainloop.

SKN St. Pölten

With the new SKN App you are closer than ever to your club. Enjoy easy access to news, tickets, fan shop, scores and schedules.


The Morawa App offers a rich experience with personalised content directly from Powered by qonnect, developed by IKANGAI.

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