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Super Apps for Media Companies – How to turn Ads into Services for Revenue

Super apps are booming due to a seismic shift in the way the ad-supported mobile app economy operates. Media companies that used ads to moneytize their content face a huge challenge: the underlying advertising platforms heavily depend on tracking users to optimize ad placements. However, with the looming end of third party cookies and privacy technology from Apple this becomes more and more difficult.

Apple, in particular, is on the forefront of blocking iOS applications to share data with companies for advertising purposes. This is thanks to a popup that’s now being displayed to users. Google has already announced that it will no longer allow third-party cookies to be used in its Chrome browser by the end of 2022. In addition to limiting the sharing of user data between companies, regulators around the globe, especially in Europe, are considering laws to regulate the online data collection.

There’s an App for that

The number of apps available on smartphones has increased steadily over the last few years: almost everyone has an app for everything. For finances, stocks, transport, photos, chatting, digital discounts, etc. There are also countless accounts you need to create for all these apps and many already have accounts. Still, when you want to purchase something from online shops, you often have to create yet another account first and each time a website requests access data for PayPal, credit card number or access data to online shopping, it will ask for this information.

The Case of Super Apps for Media Companies

Enter Super Apps. The great idea of Super Apps is to combine all kind of activities in one place without having to leave the app. There is only one account and no need to enter additional payment infos when consuming services in the Super App or buying from businesses in the Super App.

Media companies are in an excellent position to become the owners of super apps: they already have the user base. They have tons of content that they already share with their users and users are using these apps on a regular base. Since media companies have already started with paid content, users have accounts and payment systems are also integrated in apps.

The last piece of the puzlle are the third parties, i.e., businesses that use the super app. Media companies already have the connections to these as well: so basically all ingredients are there. They need just a spark to start the transformation.

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