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Super Apps vs. Large Language Models

In the rapidly evolving world of software, Super Apps and Large Language Models (LLMs) offer two distinct approaches to address user needs and preferences. Super Apps, like WeChat, consolidate various functions and services into a single platform, while LLMs, such as GPT from OpenAI promise a new era of software adaptability through self-modifying code generation....

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Super Apps for Media Companies – How to turn Ads into Services for Revenue

Super apps are booming due to a seismic shift in the way the ad-supported mobile app economy operates. Media companies that used ads to moneytize their content face a huge challenge: the underlying advertising platforms heavily depend on tracking users to optimize ad placements. However, with the looming end of third party cookies and privacy...

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What is the Klarna Super App?

The Swedish fintech Klarna has an app that offers the buyer everything: shopping, checking accounts and payment methods. Words like “revolution” are part of the normal vocabulary of Sebastian Siemiatkowski, the founder of Klarna. Klarna, is currently one of the most successful fintechs in all of Europe. Investors valued the start-up, which started as a...

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