Designing for the mobile environment

Mobile service and interaction design requires a thorough understanding of the needs, challenges and wishes of the target group. Our technical know-how allows us to design products that not only thrive on technological sophistication, but also on the sensitivity for the people who use them.

UI / UX Workshops

The goal of our UI / UX consulting and workshop offer is to create insights that raise the user experience of your digital product to a higher level. Together we analyze the functionality, usability and develop a strategy how to optimize your customer's experience.

User Experience Concepts

Developing user experience concepts includes a tailor-made combination of dynamic elements and visual interface design. Our usability concepts integrate the navigation structure and also the layouts of all functional areas from the very beginning. This is the foundation of a holistic user experience.


With the help of mock-ups, prototyping and click dummies, we quickly give your a first impression of your app. They serve as a basis for early feedback and allow our UI / UX design team to focus the development process towards an optimal result.


Wireframes represent the functional flow of apps and web applications. They connect screens to one another and show the entire scope of your digital product. They illustrate the navigation paths and to define transitions for individual screen elements.

Interface Design

It takes a tenth of a second for users to get a first impression. You can waste no time for a digital product to be convincing for your customers. That is why the visual interface design is one of the most important steps of our app design process. It gives your digital product a look and feel and a projection of your desired aesthetics and identity.

User Stories

User stories are formulated in everyday language and describe requirements for your app. They describe common user flows and activities by the users of your app. Our goal is to create solutions that are as easily accessible as possible in the app.

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Interaction Design

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