The adverse Effects on Trust by App Stores

App stores from Apple and Google tout that they alone are the best place to download and install apps. Especially Apple is known for it’s approach to allow only Apps that went through a review process to be made available for download. Google is less strict and allows for the sideloading of apps from other […]


The Paradox of Cloud Computing

The cloud is without doubt one of the most important platform shifts in computing history. Cloud has already had an impact on billions in IT spending. This is due to a powerful value proposition: infrastructure that can be used immediately at the right scale for the business, thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency in both […]


What’s a Good App Store Conversion Rate?

Marketers and app developers often refer to conversion rate (CVR), which is the percentage of app users who download your app from a store after viewing it’s page in the app store. But what is a good conversion rate for apps? What is the industry’s current gold standard for your segment? App Store Conversion and […]

whatsapp newsletter

Are WhatsApp Newsletter back? Spoiler: Not really. But there’s an alternative.

Staying in permanent contact with your own customers – the dream of every company. Until 2019, many companies had therefore sent newsletters directly to their customers’ smartphones via WhatsApp. After banning WhatsApp usage for commercial purposes, WhatsAPp is now promoting its latest business message format. So is the WhatsApp newsletter back? What can the new […]


What are Citizen Developers?

Citizen development encourages employees who are not IT-trained to become software developers. They use NoCode/LowCode (LCNC) platforms that allow them to create business applications. This method of software development allows employees to become citizen developers, despite not having a formal education. They modify existing software programs to meet the needs of a specific user and […]


9 out of 10 hate to install an app for a service or a product

Most people hate the idea of being forced to install apps to access services. However, installing an app is often a key element of many products. Companies love it. Installing an app is often the first step of a smart connected products’ setup.’s recent survey results shows even if 91% dislike being forced to […]


AirPods – A Cornerstone for Agumented Audio Reality

Mobile phones were already a part of an etiquette revolution years before AirPods became popular. They went from being a novelty to a necessity in a short period of time. Mobile phones are part of our daily lives, and we touch them more than 2600 times per day. We treat them with a tenderness that […]


Customer Retention Strategies

It’s a fact you have heard over and over. It is cheaper to convince existing customers to buy again than to find new customers. This is true for many businesses, particularly in the crowded ecommerce market where clicks and conversions seem to be increasing in price. Have you ever looked into ways to re-engage customers […]


Google Glass failed. Will Facebook’s Ray Ban Stories too?

Marketing tries to make us believe that some products appear out of thin air. Truth is, any product deployment that is successful requires experimentation. However, evolution can be difficult to achieve or is hidden behind closed doors. Google Glass is on of many examples how an ambitiuos product can fail on several levels. Google Glass: […]

user experience strategy

Key Elements of User Experience Strategy

The satisfaction of customers is a key factor in the success of any product. It is difficult for any organization to survive in today’s highly competitive marketplace if its customers are not satisfied. User Experience (UX) is all about creating a pleasing user experience. The entire customer journey must be carefully planned and designed by […]