Hassle-Free AI Tools Installation with Pinokio

The world of AI is continuously evolving, with new tools emerging frequently. However, the installation of the latest AI tools can sometimes be a challenge. Enter Pinokio, a tool that simplifies the installation of AI tools and does it with a few clicks.

Why Pinokio?

If you've ever tried installing cutting-edge AI tools, you know the drill. Command-line typing, juggling different Python versions, and the all-too-familiar cryptic error messages due to unmet dependencies. Pinokio changes the game. With just a couple of mouse clicks, you can install these tools, irrespective of whether you're on Linux, Windows, or macOS. No command-line hassles!

What Exactly is Pinokio?

Pinokio is an automation tool that seamlessly installs AI tools. Each tool remains isolated from the other, ensuring that an update to one doesn't mess up the others. While virtual Python environments can address this issue, they require manual setup. Pinokio handles everything automatically.

The brains behind this tool is an anonymous developer named Cocktail Peanut. They've previously developed Dalai, one of the first tools to run large language models locally. Although there are now better tools for this purpose, like GPT4All, Pinokio stands out in its domain.

Safety First

A word of warning: note that Pinokio executes and downloads code on your computer. While there are inherent risks associated with this, the silver lining is that Pinokio is open-source. This means you can review its installation scripts on GitHub to understand its workings. But, as always, caution is advised.

Setting Up Pinokio

Visit and download the version corresponding to your OS. Follow the straightforward installation steps. The first run requires a setup, which might take a few minutes. Once installed, the tool presents a range of AI tools:

  • Stable Diffusion WebUI (Automatic1111): Currently, the best open-source text-to-image generator. While not as polished as some alternatives, it offers immense flexibility.
  • Illusion Diffusion: Create optical illusions effortlessly. You can even design quirky QR codes using this tool.
  • Facefusion: Swap faces in videos using just one photo. It even has a webcam mode!
  • ModelScope: Convert images to videos or enhance video quality.
  • AudioCraft Plus: Generate sound effects and music. With tools like Bark Voice Cloning or XTTS, you can clone voices from short samples.
  • RVC: Separate vocals and instrumentals in songs and have vocals sung by various artists. For instance, imagine Freddie Mercury singing Adele's "Someone like you"!


Pinokio addresses a longstanding issue by automating the installation of the latest AI tools without the hassles of managing Python dependencies. The tools under "Discover" are well-curated, providing users with the latest and greatest in the AI world. However, it's essential to remember that Pinokio is still in its alpha phase. Some features may not work consistently across all platforms. But with updates rolling out frequently, these issues are likely temporary. If you're an AI enthusiast looking to try out new tools without the setup frustrations, give Pinokio a whirl. Happy experimenting!

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