wechat mini app

What are WeChat Mini Apps?

Simply speaking, a WeChat Mini App is an App within an App. Mini Apps lets users open an app page within WeChat, instead of downloading an app. The Chinese have been accustomed to using WeChat to do everything – from ordering food to booking a doctor to paying their bills – since its launch in […]


Low-code Platforms and how they benefit Enterprises

Low-Code is a method of application development. Low-code, as its name suggests, allows developers to create applications using very little or no programming. This allows developers to do more difficult jobs while automating manual tasks. Instead of writing every single line of code, programmers can use built-in templates through a drag and drop visual interface, […]


What is Web 3.0?

The internet is undoubtedly the most significant technological revolution in human history. Despite the fact that the industry has seen significant growth since its inception it’s still infancy and needs major improvements. Tim Berners Lee’s internet was meant to be “a collaborative media, a place [could] all gather and read and/or write.” AOL, Compuserve and […]


The Importance of Prototyping for User Experience Design

The Prototyping stage is important for two main reasons. Designers can evaluate and test their ideas without having to go through the entire design process based on assumptions. Stakeholders feel confident about the final result’s success.  Prototyping is at the core of a participative design process. It shows “how it-works” and makes siloed processes more […]


Moxie Marlinspike NFT Joke

Moxie Marlinspike is the founder of Signal, a secure messaging service and has now released an NFT. But, it is not all as it seems. The NFT entitled “At my whim” will have a different appearance depending on which platform it is viewed. It is currently available for purchase on Opensea or Rarible. Both sites […]


Facebook’s Outage shows how Businesses depend on it

Tomiwa Ibukunle is a 21-year old entrepreneur from Lagos, Nigeria. She started her clothing and accessories company two months ago. Her WhatsApp account is used to promote her products and receive orders from customers. She typically receives 20 orders per day. When WhatsApp experienced an outage globally for eight hours on October 5th, her orders […]


Amazon’s Ambient Computing Platform

In 2017 Walt Mossberg predicted that technology would disappear into the background and that “ambient computing would become universal.” We are on the right track four years later, but it is still unclear what that term means for computers and how they will live. While many companies are working towards ambient computing visions, Amazon’s head […]


How Amazon plans for Astro to become a Family Member

Amazon introduced a new product at the end of September: Astro, a household robot. Amazon’s video introducing the robot promises it can do a variety of tasks, including supervising a household and holding spontaneous dance parties. Astro is basically an Alexa on wheels that watches everything you do. Why should anyone be happy to own […]


What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a term coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel, Snow Crash. In Neal Stephenson’s book, character Hiro Protagonist writes a program called Snow Crash to create a metaverse. The term “metaverse” was originally used to refer to a 3D virtual reality environment in which an individual could interact with […]