Deep Learning

Deep Learning actually revives 70-year-old idea

Deep learning is actually a new term for an artificial intelligence approach called neural networks. These networks have been around for over 70 years. Warren McCullough, Walter Pitts and Walter Pitts were the first to propose neural networks. They were two University of Chicago researchers who later moved to MIT in 1952. Until 1969, neural […]


IKANGAI shortlisted as 10 Best CEM Solution Providers of 2021

We at IKANGAI constantly strive to produce innovative services for our customers. The quality of our work is also recognized beyond our customer base and we are happy to announce that IKANGAI has been shortlisted to be featured the prestigious Industry Era Review ranking as “10 Best CEM Solution Providers of 2021”. This is of […]

Super Apps

Super apps – The platform for the post-app era

The world’s largest social media companies could evolve into super apps over the next few years. They will be able to facilitate a greater number of online activities. Although they were initially created to keep friends and family in touch or entertain, social media networks like Facebook, Snap, TikTok and others will be increasingly important […]

app tracking

Apple’s app tracking popup reportedly costs social media platforms nearly $10 billion

A report by the Financial Times showed that Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter lost approximately $9.85 billion in revenue due to Apple’s privacy changes. Apple last year announced the App Tracking transparency (ATT) policy, which requires that apps ask permission to track users. In April this year, the policy was finally implemented. Apps can no longer […]


So Meta it hurts? Putting Facebook’s Metaverse in perspective

No article on the metaverse would be complete without a mention of the 1992 novel Snow Crash, in which Neal Stephenson coined the term. Stephenson’s novel is a prophetic work, written before the rise of the modern social web and coming to many of the same conclusions as Silicon Valley’s current generation of techno-utopians. Snow […]


Popular Apps are leaking GPS data to third parties – Without the Consent of Users

Although the systematic recording of movements from smartphones is a multi-billion dollar industry, little information is available about how this data is collected and used. AppCensus’s new research shows that even seemingly innocent apps like barcode scanners and GPS speedometers collect detailed data about users without their consent. AppCensus explained in a blog post that […]

zero party data

Discover how to get zero party customer data from customer experience

After Google has published plans to completely eliminate third-party cookie tracking in the next few years, other browsers followed suit. Add to that Apple’s recent changes in its Identifier for Advertisers, (IDFA), the sweeping privacy legislation: the way marketers communicate with consumers is undergoing a radical transformation. The 2021 Digital Consumer Trends Index polled more […]


UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2021

Last week, at the UBS Future of Finance Challenge finals, we were happy to present our Zero Install App platform. Out of 475 submissions, we were among the 10 finalist in the App Store and platforms category.  We believe it was a great success for our Zero Install App platform and being in the finals […]