Serverless Computing

The complete Guide to Serverless vs Containers

As with many of the cloud app development trends, Serverless Computing as well as Containers are widely discussed and talked about by developers. Serverless was created to be an alternative to containerization. Others feel serverless can be used in conjunction with containers for application deployment. Serverless and Containerization are not only different in terms of […]

Transfer Learning

Transfer Learning – Small Data with big Effects

For many people artificial intelligence is synonymous with big data. This is because large data sets are the foundation of some of the most important AI breakthroughs over the past decade. ImageNet is a data set that contains millions of images, each hand-sorted into thousands of categories. Image classification has made huge strides since the […]

The Mythical Man-Month

The Mythical Man-Month

Fred Brooks was a manager at IBM. He wrote The Mythical Man-Month in 1975 after being assigned to manage the development of OS/360, the company’s first operating system, in March of 1969. The book has sold over 1.2 million copies. The Mythical Man-Month is based on his experiences managing the OS/360 project. The book was […]

Prompt Engineering

What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt engineering or prompt programming is an interesting way to interact with GPT-3. It basically involves creating clever text-based scripts that make GPT-3 perform the tasks you desire. What is GPT3? GPT-3 is a language model by OpenAI. It generates AI-written text which can be virtually indistinguishable to human-written sentences and paragraphs, articles, short stories […]


What is the digital shopping neighborhood?

Much like our working lives, the pandemic forced retail to move entirely online. With this seismic shift, shoppers’ expectations have grown: customers no longer expect smooth transactions and prompt delivery. It’s now a standard expectation. At the same time, consumers all over the world want an enjoyable and rewarding online shopping experience and experience a […]

Logistics Startup

call a BOX – Logistics Startup of the Year 2021

It is always very satisfying when our customers are successful and we have been able to actively contribute to their success with our services. We are extremely happy that call a BOX was named Logistics Startup of the Year 2021. Congratulations to the team around Thomas Puza and Markus Himmelbauer!  


10 Best Technology Solution Providers of 2021

The end of the year is approaching and it’s time for awards. After making it under the top 10 in the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2021, our work also got featured as one of the 10 Best CEM Solution Providers of 2021. So, I am feeling (again) honored that IKANGAI has been shortlisted to […]


People are learning the wrong lessons from the Facebook Papers

Recent Facebook leaks have prompted an avalanche of suggestions for fixing social media’s negative effects on society. These include demands for increased oversight by executives and boards of companies, regulators, or both. However, these proposals do not address the main problem of the attention-economy, which cannot be fixed by top-down control. The problem lies at […]