Whatsapp doesn’t want to lock users out

After WhatsApp changed its data privacy rules there was a lot of critisism the way Facebook tried to push users to accept them. Those who do not agree to the new terms and conditions would experience a gradually limited service.

After a pushback, Facebook changed its approach again. Users who do not agree to the new terms and conditions can continue to use the messenger service as it is, with no limitations. At least for the time being.

New Plans after Critisism

There are currently no plans to restrict the range of functions for the users, emphasized a Whatsapp spokesman for the technology blogs “The Next Web” and “The Verge”. Whatsapp wants to clarify their appraoch to privavy after consulting with authorities and experts. Instead, users will be reminded of the update “from time to time”.

This is a reversal from the previous approach, that stated that users who do not agree to the update are threatened with the gradual loss of important functions after a few weeks with warnings. This meant that users should lose access to their chat list and the function of audio and video messages over time.

However, this is different now, according to WhatsApps FAQs “There are currently no plans to make these reminders permanent or to limit the functionality of the app.”

The reason for this might be be fear on the side of Facebook that by restricting functions, it will scare away users and lose them to other messenger providers such as Telegram or Signal.


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Photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash


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