What is the WhatsApp Newsletter Alternative and how does it work?

With the end of WhatsApp newsletters in December, many businesses and organizations are forced to look for an alternative. With the mobile newsletter service offered by IKANGAI companies get a tool with which they can inform their users as usual. Messages are sent to all subscribers who have subscribed to the newsletter service. Signing up is very easy: users just have to open a link in the browser and add the link to the home screen. Here is an example of the conversion of users from an existing WhatsApp newsletter:

1. Send message to WhatsApp:

Dear IKANGAI Community!

Unfortunately we have to discontinue our WhatsApp newsletter service with December. The good news: there is an alternative. To get our updates as usual, all you need to do is open the link https://ikangai.newsapp.stream and add it to the home screen.

Your IKANGAI team

2. Open link in the browser:

3. Add link to home screen:

4. Open Newsletter:

The newsletter service itself uses the Progressive Wep App (PWA) technology stack. This refers primarily to so-called service workers who – to put it simply – ensure that an HTML-programmed online app becomes an app with a native app feel that works even without an Internet connection. To do this, service workers take care of updating the content and saving the data on the smartphone (caching).

This offers a number of advantages:

1. Independence from the app store: there are no app store restrictions. This is e.g. for paid newsletter services that save the 30% digital store digital app store tax.

2. Always up to date: unlike a native app, users do not have to worry about updating. In addition, PWA newsletter services can be enhanced with additional services (such as reservations, orders, surveys, games, etc.) as needed – without requiring users to go to the app store to update.

3. Less hurdles for users: installing an app from the app store is a step many users do not necessarily want to take. With a PWA this hurdle is smaller, since it can be added to the home screen with one click and is ready to use. And you can reach even users who are not installing the PWA: they can use the PWA newsletter just as a normal website.

Are you interested? We are happy to present our solution to you personally.

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