NextGen mobile newsletter solution

Easy Installation

With just one click, customers add your mobile newsletter to their home screen.

No App-Store needed

Customers can get your newsletter directly. App-Stores from Google and Apple are not required anymore.

Web Standards

Use modern web open source technologies instead of closed third-party platforms.

GDPR ready

Your customers do not have to share their e-mail address or phone number to get your newsletter.

CI consistent

Unlike existing Messenger based newsletters (such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.), we offer customisations and the newsletter will be consistent with your CI.

Extensive statistics

Key numbers such as impressions, sessions, active users and clicks are available at any time.

WhatsApp Newsletter Alternative

IKANGAI offers a viable alternative to WhatsApp newsletters. The conversion of existing newsletter subscribers is very easy. All you have to do is send a message with a link to your existing WhatsApp channel.

How it works:

Send your own Newsletter Link to your userbase.

Your subscribers only have to open the link in the browser of their smartphone...

...and add it to their home screens to subscribe to your newsletter.

The newsletter is now on their home screen and ready to be used.


The newsletter service uses the Progressive Wep App (PWA) technology stack. This refers primarily to so-called service workers who - to put it simply - ensure that an HTML-programmed online app becomes an app with a native app feel that works even without an Internet connection. To do this, service workers take care of updating the content and saving the data on the smartphone (caching).