What the end of third-party cookies means for advertisers

Advertisers still have some time before one of the their most beloved tool – third party cookies – will become obsolete. Thus, alternative strategies for putting ads to work are needed.

Central to this startegy shift is the use of first-party data. This means that you as a company have to start collecting data from your users directly with first-party cookies and noncookie identifiers. This paves the way for the personalization of your services. However, you need to build up the expertise either in-house or contract external providers that help you building such systems.

We offer these kind of services on our qonnect platform. qonnect helps creating genuine connections with customers and connects customer data across different touchpoints. Our platform gives you a full picture of the customer across sales and marketing, customer service, and other touchpoints.

qonnect uses a stack of modern web technology like progressive web apps to create customized experienves for your customers. With qonnect, you can elevate the experience for your customers and build trust.

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Source: What the end of third-party cookies means for advertisers

Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels
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