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Live Music on Clubhouse

Clubhouse has taken some of the online world in storm. The hype started last year in the US and has now reached Europe. Fueled by stories of celebrities like Elon Musk that held court on the platform and an invitation-only registration policy for the platform, people were eager to get in. There are many business sectors that are now actively looking at Clubhouse and wondering to make money with it or at least to get some popularity.

Live Music Online

Take the music business for example. Covid has stopped live performances for a year now. There were some attempts by big names like the Rolling Stones to virtually play together, but they require technical know-how to set up such a distributed session. Though it wasn’t a real-time simulcast: it was stitched together afterward.

Lo-Fi Music Alterantive

With Clubhouse there is a lo-fi alternative. As a musician, you can open your own room, invite your colleagues and play in front of a virtual audience. However, you have to overcome technical challenges like latency. Put simply, latency is the time it takes to digitally process music input and to send it to another place. Latency leads to drummers in Vienna playing three beats behind a singer in London or in Madrid.

This limitation didn’t keep the production of Disney’s Lion King musical from playing at least partially live and unedited on Clubhouse. Using the pre-recorded Hans Zimmer score, singers sang in real-time. Some of the musicians played through mobile interfaces like iRig.

The show aired twice and, what’s more interesting, it never drew complaints from Disney. It appears that there was no direct licensing from Disney required because it was not recorded by the producers and the Clubhouse blanket license covered their acts.

Your own Clubhouse

Like radio, a sound-based app is for the background. You can easily do things aside like wandering around in your apartment. Hearing somebody’s voice can give a feeling of companionship. Music is a perfect fit for this. The tricky part is how to get onboard.

We provide a solution for your own Clubhouse. It’s called CaaS – Clubhouse as a Service. You can start your own room directly in your own app. There is no entry barrier, people do not need to get an extra account for this. Interested? Contact us for a demo.

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels
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