What are the advantages of having your own app?

Many businesses do not (yet) have their own app. Why bother if you can use existing platforms for many aspects of communicating with customers? The answer is simple: your own app is your own TV station.

As a businesses, you determine what your customers see. There is no competition and your customers are not distracted and you have the undivided attention. An example of the book trade illustrates how long customers stay on the website or in the app:

  1. Direct: 3:27 per user
  2. App: 3:16 per user
  3. Google: 2:23 per user
  4. Facebook: 0:15 per user

The poor performance of social media (in this case Facebook) is noteworthy. Users who come to the website via Facebook only linger for a few seconds and leave the page quickly. Users who navigate directly to the website stay the longest, closely followed by the app.

This is due to the motivation: when users open the app or enter the link in the browser, they have a specific motivation. Users who are addressed via Google search also linger longer and look around. What is the significance of time spent on the website or in the app? Quite simply: the longer someone is on your website or in your app, the greater the likelihood that a purchase will be made and you can win a customer. Contact us if you want to know more about the topic.
Photo by Burak K from Pexels
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