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AI in the Workplace: A Plus for Productivity and Quality

The world is abuzz with talks of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its transformative potential. But how does it fare when integrated into the daily workflows of knowledge workers? A recent paper titled "Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier" delves deep into this question. Understanding the Study's Landscape The study's core objective was rooted in the increasing...

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Brain Drain: How Your Smartphone Takes a Toll on Your Thinking | Journal of the Association for Consumer Research: Vol 2, No 2

Chance are high that your read these lines on a smartphone. Maybe your were even alerted by a push notification. Researchers Adrian F. Ward, Kristen Duke, Ayelet Gneezy, and Maarten W. Bos invesigated the effects of having the smartphone nearby. The results are striking: the closer your smartphone is, the bigger the effect on your...

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