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Beyond the Safe Bet: The Untapped Transformative Power of AI in Business

Ethan Mollick's insights from "On holding back the strange AI tide", make a strong argument that the traditional approaches to AI in businesses are significantly misaligned with the technology's inherently transformative nature. Mollick challenges the prevalent strategies of ignoring, banning, or centralizing AI, highlighting their ineffectiveness in harnessing AI's full potential. Embracing AI’s Transformative Power...

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Navigating the AI-Driven Transformation in the Job Market

In the wake of Google's recent restructuring, where hundreds of roles in its advertising-sales team are being eliminated, a crucial question emerges: Is the AI evolution changing the situation on the labor market? This development, as reported by Business Insider, underscores the profound changes AI is inducing in the corporate landscape. Historically, technological advancements, despite...

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