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Discover how to get zero party customer data from customer experience

After Google has published plans to completely eliminate third-party cookie tracking in the next few years, other browsers followed suit. Add to that Apple’s recent changes in its Identifier for Advertisers, (IDFA), the sweeping privacy legislation: the way marketers communicate with consumers is undergoing a radical transformation. The 2021 Digital Consumer Trends Index polled more...

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Lush connects online and offline

Lush’s new flagship store in Tokyo is a good example how online and offline commerce can be connected. For example, the Lush app offers services that give customers information about “naked products” when they are scanned. The app recognises objects from the store, looks up information and presents them to the customer in several languages....

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To Queue or not to Queue

If you need to know how important a good customer experience is, recent research from Ayden and Adobe [1, 2] provides you with concrete numbers. The overall number is staggering: bad customer experice cost British retailes up to £102 billion (!) every year. In this regard, queues in-store stand for 11% of lost revenues, costing...

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