Lush connects online and offline

Lush’s new flagship store in Tokyo is a good example how online and offline commerce can be connected. For example, the Lush app offers services that give customers information about “naked products” when they are scanned. The app recognises objects from the store, looks up information and presents them to the customer in several languages. Of course, shoppers can use the app also at home as well as in the store’s digital ‘shoppable window’ which is active 24 hours a day for customers and people just passing by. All you have to do is to scan and shop curated collections and product drops.
The eye catcher is of course a gigantic digital 10 meter tall screen at the outside of the shop. According to Lush:

Innovative use of technology heightens the senses and plays with mood, data from sensors that map customer position and movement will be used to activate sounds from within the displays. This is just one way the shop can respond to individual customers, creating targeted experiences filled with surreal moments.

While your business might not need all the technology Lush is using, it’s definitely worth taking a look at things Lush does and think about potential application of mobile technology for your business.


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