Open post Marketing in a cookieless world

Marketing in a cookieless world

Google has stated that it will eliminate third-party cookies by 2023. Google's announcement will have a huge impact on the marketing industries and make them move to a cookieless future. To maintain their sales, 44 percent of marketers plan to increase their spending by 5-25 percent. Marketing without Third-Party Cookies While your devices don't always...

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Apple’s App Tracking Transparency may not be strong enough

Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency last year which prohibits app developers from tracking users' activity across different apps without their explicit consent. Privacy advocates applauded the initiative. Facebook warned that it would bring down targeted advertising companies. Research published last week shows that App Tracking Transparency does not always prevent the collection of surreptitious personal...

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The importance of Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is the process of creating a seamless customer experience across all channels. This involves creating a consistent brand identity and message that can be easily recognized no matter where the customer is interacting with your company. The goal of omnichannel marketing is to provide a cohesive customer experience that leads to loyalty and...

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