Getting started with AI

Dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence with our specialized AI Beginner Workshops.

Why This Is For You

  • Practice-oriented: We believe in learning by doing. Hence, we emphasize hands-on exercises.
  • Personalized: We tailor the workshop's content to the needs and interests of the participants.
  • Led by experts: Our trainers are specialists in their field and bring years of experience.

Who is this workshop for

  • CEOs and Entrepreneurs: Understand AI's potential impact on business strategy.
  • Project Managers: Learn how AI can streamline and optimize projects.
  • Marketing: Discover AI's capabilities for marketing.
  • Administration: Grasp how AI can automate routine tasks.

What you will learn in this workshop

  1. Introduction to the World of AI Tools
    • Overview of common AI tools and platforms
    • Application examples across various industries
  2. Effective Use of AI Tools in Daily Life
    • How AI tools can simplify your life
    • Hands-on experience with some of the most popular tools
  3. Prompt Design Fundamentals
    • What is a prompt and why is it important?
    • Best practices for creating prompts
    • Hands-on exercises in designing effective prompts for image and text generation

AI Beginner Workshops - Details & Modalities

  • Duration: The workshop is a concise three-hour session, packed with essential content and hands-on activities.
  • Number of Participants: To ensure personalized attention, each session is limited to 10 participants.
  • Location Modalities: We offer flexibility in delivery. You can host the workshop on your premises, where our trainers will come to your designated location, or opt for a virtual session from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Cost: The investment for this transformative experience is €300, which includes workshop materials and hands-on training. Refreshments are provided for on-premises attendees.

Unlock the Future of Business with AI

Dive into our immersive workshops and equip your team with the tools and knowledge to lead in the AI era.

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Ideogram – Unraveling the AI-Driven Future of Logo Design

By Martin Treiber 1557 views 13. September 2023
In the digital age, where brand identity is paramount, the logo stands as the beacon, the first impression, and often the lasting memory. Let's shed light on how the world of logo design is about to experience a seismic shift. An example is Ideogram that offers AI assistance in this…
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A Deep Dive into OpenAI’s ChatGPT and its Plugins

By Martin Treiber 4606 views 25. July 2023
ChatGPT, the chatbot developed by OpenAI, is known for its ability to produce complex and eloquent texts. However, despite this performance, the generated texts can sometimes be incorrect or misleading in content. The chatbot's processing is based on the probability distribution of words, without any real knowledge or understanding of…
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OpenAI Announces Function Calling and Other API Updates

By Martin Treiber 2170 views 14. June 2023
OpenAI has recently announced a series of updates to their API models, including more steerable API models, function calling capabilities, longer context, and lower prices. These updates are designed to enhance the capabilities of the models and provide developers with more flexibility and control. One of the most significant updates…
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babyAGI and AutoGPT: The rise of autonomous AI agents?

By Martin Treiber 1318 views 15. April 2023
The tech elite of Silicon Valley are chattering excitedly over babyAGI, the new AI kid on the block. While it doesn't quite live up to AGI (artificial general intelligence)—the omnipotent AI heavyweight that gives Elon Musk sleepless nights—babyAGI is still a dazzling and noteworthy addition to the AI playground. babyAGI…
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