Who we are

"IIKANGAE" is Japanese and translates as "good idea".

Our core goals in everything we do are:

  • Simplicity
  • Elegance
  • Creativity

IKANGAI is a group of experts coming from diverse professional backgrounds (architecture, computer science, economy, art, design) working together to produce the best results for our customers. Read More

Our Services

By following our motto we handcraft your Mobile Applications and tailor them to your needs.

We support you with:

  • Consulting and Concept Development
  • Design
  • Programming

The synthesis of architecture and software creates unique opportunities to think outside the box. Our customized mobile apps keep you close to your customers, for they always have their devices at hand so you can reach them at any time through our applications. Read More

Our Expertise

More than 15 years expertise of Software development.

Our expertise helps you with:

  • Design and Implementation of Apps for mobile devices
  • Application of barcode technology for mobile Apps
  • Design and Implementation of Client/Server Systems for mobile Apps
  • Design and Implementation of Databases
  • Implementation of Web services for mobile devices
  • Mobile Barcode Marketing

Projects we have done recently

  • q·.:Launcher - QR code reader

    q·.:Launcher - QR code reader and bookmarker.

    q·.:Launcher is your easy to use universal QR code and product barcode reader.

    Now with scan history, favorites and more.

    Read More
  • QCard

    q·.:Card — Digital Business Card

    q·.:CARD is the simplest and fastest way to share your contacts. Exchange your contact information by simply scanning a qCARD barcode.

    You don't need a Bluetooth, WLAN or 3G connection. Just scan a q·.:CARD barcode with your iPhone and in no time the contact is added to your address book.

    q·.:CARD - your new digital business-card.

    Read More