Why your App is no replacement for WhatsApp newsletters

The WhatsApp newsletter ban has huge impact on businesses. While some businesses will just abandon their WhatsApp audience, others will try to convert users into their apps. This might work for some users, but there are several reasons this might not work very well:

  1. Users value the WhatsApp newsletter style. It gives them quick access to information and services.
  2. Users don’t like to install another app. Unless your app provides additional services that are “sexy”, users generally hesitate to install another app. After all there is a reason people use your WhatsApp newsletter: they didn’t want to install your app in the first place.
  3. Users don’t like to re-subscribe in your app. Chances are that your app has some kind of login and requires registration procedure. Now imagine users opening your app and having to go through this (again).

We at IKANGAI offer an alternative to WhatsApp newsletters that keeps the main qualities of WhatsApp newsletters. It adds additional features like message formatting with Markdown and is GDPR-compliant, since no personal data (phone number, etc.) are asked from the user.

Just send a link to your WhatsApp newsletter users. All your users need to do is to bookmark the link by adding it to the homescreen. It’s as simple as that.

Are you interested? We are happy to present our platform to you personally and offer a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels
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