Why News-Pull is no Solution for WhatsApp Newsletters

With the approaching end of WhatsApp newsletters, companies are looking for alternatives to prevent the loss of their WhatsApp newsletter audience. One solution is the switch to News-Pull. Here the subscriber must open WhatsApp, switch to the newsletter channel and send a message (for example, a letter). Only then will the subscriber receive the newsletter messages. Anyone who thinks now “who does that?” is proably not alone. This approach has obvious problems:

1. No WhatsApp push notification. One of the main arguments in favor of using WhatsApp newsletters has been that you get push notifications and there is no need afor an dditional approval from the subscriber. This is because you piggyback on the approval for push notifications of WhatsApp. Will News-Pull this is a thing of the past.

2. Which user is motivated enough to send the same message to the newsletter channel every day? There may be users who actually do that. But these are in all likelihood a minority, the rest will simply no longer open the newsletter channel.

We have developed an alternative solution (Q’News) that allows your customers to receive newsletters the way they are used to. To convert your customers from existing WhatsApp newsletters to Q’News, these two steps are necessary:

1. You send the newsletter link to your subscribers (for example in the WhatsApp newsletter)
2. Your subscriber opens the link on the smartphone and saves the link on the home screen.

Then you can send your newsletter messages to your subscribers via web cockpit. Your subscribers receive your message in the newsletter app on their homescreen. Android users also get a push notification, for iOS users there is a companion app (under development) that receives push notifications.

An example of a Q’Newsletter can be found here: https://ikangai.newsapp.stream – Just open the link on the mobile and add the link the home screen. Done.

Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina from Pexels

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