Why active Apps are important

What’s an active app? Active apps are apps that continuously update their content and engage their users. Just like social media platforms, active apps constantly provide users with new information. Content on social media platforms is produced by users. Content in active apps is provided by the business that owns the app.

Our customer Morawa follows an active app strategy. Morawa uses their online customer magazine as content hub for their app. Updates on the content hub are automatically made available in the Morawa app using RSS Feeds as transport medium. After a selection/planing process on the backend, the content of the app is updated and users receive push notifications.

With well timed push notifications, Morawa brings customers into the app and in turn into their online store. In contrast to apps that do not provide updates (and engage users with push notifications), the Morawa app has a constant user base that always discovers new content in the app. This makes the app interesting for users.

The Morawa strategy shows that active apps are a very efficient strategy to engage customers and to get their attention.

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