what is bionic reading

What is Bionic Reading?

Bionic Reading allows users to simplify text and eliminate distractions. The app highlights the most important parts of text and revises them accordingly. This helps to guide the eye through the text and aids in the brain's recall of previously learned words. It does so by guiding the eyes through text with artificial fixation points. Essentially, Bionic Reading is highlighting the initial letters of words and lets your brain do the rest.

Bionic Reading also has an interface for programming applications that is available on the reading platforms Reeder 5 and Fiery Feeds. Pricing plans for the API vary from US$100 to US$500 each month.

According to the company users with dyslexia reported that the tool helped them understand the content of different works immediately.

Renato Casutt, a developer, says Bionic Reading was born when he attempted to design a book in a language that he didn't understand for a Swiss author. Casutt struggled with reading but was able to understand what the words meant when spoken out loud. Casutt says that he discovered that he could take small pieces of written words and connect them with similar words in the language he knew. Bionic Reading was also born out of his accidental discovery that this tool made it easier for his classmates to read faster.

This is certainly an interesting way of formatting text for online consuption. We'll give it a try in our tap letter and our linked.in newsletter.

Bionic Text Format Generator


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