The importance of a seamless checkout

A easy to use checkout process for your online business is of utmost importance. Why? Because more than one in four shoppers abandoned a cart due to a long or complicated checkout process. Think about it for a minute. These shoppers put items in the shopping cart and were ready to checkout and pay. They got so frustrated that they left.

What would you do with an employee at the cashier that drives 25% of your shoppers away? You’d probably fire him or her. Take a critical look at your checkout process and count the steps that are needed to complete the checkout. If you need more than four steps (select shipping address, select payment option, forward to payment site, enter password, enter sms code, confirmation of payment, etc.), then you should start working immediately with your payment provider. Your payment provider should help you closing the gap between browsing/abandoning and buying. Or maybe it’s even time to change the payment provider.


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