Tesco Go comming?

British chain Tesco is apparently working on developing convenience stores that work similar like Amazon Go: people can just walk in, put items into their bags and leave. Akin to Amazon Go payment happens automatically after they left the store.

This was reported by The Telegraph that furthermore claims that Tesco is working with Israeli company Trigo Vision to accomplish this technological feat. Trigo Vision has already experience with this kind of checkout-free shops. They are working on a similar system with Israel’s leading supermarket chain Shufersal. They plan to roll out this technology in the course of the comming months.

In the past, Tesco has already conducted trials of ‘scan and go’ technology, where shoppers use the Tesco app. Shoppers use its QR scanner to scan goods they put into their basket and do the checkout on the app. It’s an ongoing trend in the UK: many of the bigger supermarket chains did scan and go trials in the past. For example, Sainsbury’s opened its first customer-facing, checkout-less, scan and go store in Holborn in London in April this year.

Tesco, however, seems now to emulate Amazon Go’s approach. If successful, others will certainly follow. As said many times: chances are that the future of brick and mortar stores won’t include checkouts. Your business should also start actively think about self-checkout and start with trials.




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