What is the digital shopping neighborhood?

Much like our working lives, the pandemic forced retail to move entirely online. With this seismic shift, shoppers’ expectations have grown: customers no longer expect smooth transactions and prompt delivery. It’s now a standard expectation. At the same time, consumers all over the world want an enjoyable and rewarding online shopping experience and experience a […]


Progressive Web Apps

The Internet is a remarkable invention. As user, you can use all kinds of devices to access services, stay in touch with your friends and family, listen to music, watch television or go on a virtual shopping tour. All you need is a browser on your smartphone and you can experience all these things whereever […]

What do customers want from your business?

I’ll give you the answer right away: convenience. What is striking, it’s difficult for businesses to see their services with the eyes of their customers. There’s a huge gap in what businesses concieve as important and what customers think is important. It often starts at right the top: executives have no idea how their services […]