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Top Tools for Communication in the Workplace

When the world was hit by the pandemic, you’ve probably heard companies and startups alike adopting the asynchronous communication model. While it’s great on paper, it will only work if you have the proper communication tools in place and everyone in your organization understands all of its best practices. With how preoccupied we tend to...

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Move Over, Zoom—Voice Memos Are the Real Way to Stay in Touch | WIRED

The ongoing Covid pandemic stretches us to our limits. During the last months, many of us have been quarantining or (self-)isolating and working from home. The Aspen Institute has studied the effects and published several reports with the telling titles: “Lessons in Loneliness” and “Artificial Intimacy.” Bascially, there is no one size fits all technical...

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Corporation Customer Communication

When communicating with customers, omotenashi can serve as guideline. It’s the Japanese way of good hosts making guests feel valued and respected by anticipating their needs while serving them well. On a customer journey you’ll find several moments where you can apply omotenashi: 1. interest: this is driven by a need or a desire. For...

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