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Seven Power Tips for Web Stories

Stories on social media keep us for much longer than we planned. It's hard to know what's next and we're more likely to click through than exit. Stories keep users watching things, making it a great place for businesses.

Have you ever wondered what type of story to write? Here are seven ideas worth considering.

#1 Announcements

Stories are a great way for announcements, such as new products. These moments offer a great opportunity to share behind-the scenes footage that might not be visible on your web page. Customers will feel that they have access to all the latest information and can get to know you better. People spend a significant amount of time on social media per day, so announcing events on Instagram Stories is a valuable strategy. You’re likely to reach your audiences where they spend a significant amount of time, and they’ll be excited by the opportunity to participate in an event for your business.

#2 Testimonials

In your Stories, share testimonials and reviews from clients. It will encourage others who love your products and leave comments. It will also encourage more people to purchase your products after they see how much they are loved by others. Success stories can be a great way to put you your brand into a good light and make it accessible. For example, because people can get nervous around lawyers, a law firm might want to use stories to post video testimonials from clients who won their court cases with help from the organization.

#3 Feature Customers

To recognize your client is one of the best ways to gain brand trust. By telling or presenting stories from happy customerss, helps you building up your customer base or selling a disruptive product that no one's used before. Consider for example a new ride-share company. The company might create stories where customers share interesting places that their ride brought them to. Maybe they'd share an interesting chat they had with a driver. This way, they earn trust with prospective customers when they see how happy and safe customers felt when using the ride-share service.

#4 Tutorials

This is one of our favorite Story Ideas for Business: Show how you use the product and explain its functions. This is useful and people love useful information. This story format is particularly attractive for presenting information in an easy to consumer manner.

#5 Polls

No more boring customer questionnaires! You can use stories polls to increase interaction with your audience. These can be used for market research, customer feedback or simply to get to know your audience.

#6 Questions

Brands can now invite their audience to ask any questions they want, and also ask their audience questions. This is a wonderful feature to build a community and encourage customer interaction. Showing that they care about customers' opinions and being available to answer any questions makes a brand trustworthy, kind, and human. This in turn leads to customer loyalty.

#7 Countdowns

Countdowns are one of the oldest tricks of the marketing trade. Brands can use countdowns to promote sales, competitions and announcements. It generates urgency on the side of the customers and makes them more likely to engage wih your stories.

Tips to create engaing Stories

These key points will help you brainstorm your first Story if you were inspired by this list.

  1. Find interesting content. Are there great customers you could interview? Do you have photos or videos that show your product or service in action or something else? You'll need to adjust imagery and story lengths, but don't be afraid of publishing Stories with pre-created or curated content you believe will engage users.
  2. Make content that is specific to the story format. You can adapt content or create it from scratch. Make sure to post about topics that communicate in a more visual way.
  3. Use interactive features. Interactive features such as questions, polls and quizzes are useful. These features add depth to the story and may encourage users to consider each topic more deeply.
  4. Keep your stories short and to-the-point. Avoid overwhelming your audience with text and pages. They might be unable to follow your story.
  5. Add a call to action. These are a great way for you to increase traffic.

Stories are a great way for unique and engaging content. If you feel overwhelmed by all of the features, use the strategies we discussed above. Your audience will love it. Get in touch with us and learn how to benefit from stories.


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