OpenAI released the GPT Store

Today, we're ecstatic to delve into the launch of OpenAI’s GPT Store. This innovative platform is redefining our interactions with AI, but also simplifying the integration of AI into our daily routines. Let's discover what the GPT Store is and how it's transforming our engagement with AI. First off, check out our IKANGAI Assistant GPT to connect with our services via the ChatGPT interface!

Understanding GPTs

To truly grasp the essence of the GPT Store, we need to understand GPTs, or Generative Pre-trained Transformers. These sophisticated AI models, originating from OpenAI’s ChatGPT, are tailored by developers. They're meticulously trained to perform specific tasks or deliver context-sensitive information.

Imagine the possibilities with hundreds of them! There's a Cocktail Mixologist GPT for drink mixing guidance or a Storybook GPT for crafting children's tales! We've developed the IKANGAI Assistant GPT.  This tool enables you to interact with us, all through the ChatGPT interface, acting as your digital assistant.

Who can access GPTs?

Currently, GPTs are exclusively available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users. These individuals have the liberty to create their own GPTs or explore the existing plethora.

The GPT Store: Implications for Users and Developers

The GPT Store can be compared to renowned platforms such as the App Store or Google Play Store. It stands as a marketplace where users can effortlessly discover and experiment with new GPTs, offering a diverse range of GPTs tailored to various needs and applications.

For GPT developers, the store is more than just a marketplace; it's a breeding ground for creativity and innovation. The competitive nature of the GPT Store will fuel the creation of advanced GPTs and potentially pave the way for future revenue sharing opportunities.


Our proprietary GPT is the IKANGAI Assistant. IKANGAI, translating to ‘Good Idea’, is a AI consulting and service company. The IKANGAI GPT informs you about news in the AI world and updates on our web page.

Check out the IKANGAI GPT begin your AI journey!

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