We get a constant influx of emails from “investors” that want to invest in our company. This is certainly flattering, but some of the emails are just too generic, like this one:


There are some private investors who are seeking investments in your Company/Country. I had also sent you earlier their basic information for your consideration but yet to hear from you.

Kindly confirm that you got my message as I await for your response via

Sincere regards,

Isn’t this nice? There are private investors that want to invest in our company. But wait. There’s more. We are dealing with some serious money here. Apparently, they’d like to invest in Austria (our country) too. If only I know how to respond to them via… well, maybe we can send our answer via carrier pigeon?
Unfortunately, we have to pass this opportunity. But we’re not worried. We’ll certainly get an new one soon :-).

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