I want it all and I want it now

If you ask consumers what is most wantend and expected by online-retail (as Awin did in study in the UK [1]), same-day delivery comes out on top. Virtual changing rooms and plastic free packaging followed on the list.

In particular, online shoopers like the simplicity of online shopping (21%) and the ability to be able to compare prices across different stores (19%). The downside of online shopping were slow delivery times (26%) and the inability to check sizing (23%). Interestingly, not being able to socialze was also a negative point for 16%. This suggests that shopping is more than just putting items into a shopping cart. Spending time with friends and family while shopping is apparently something that consumers like and that cannot be replicated online, at least not for the foreseeable future.

For Ian Charlesworth, UK country manager Awin, nothing of this is truly surprising: “It is no wonder that consumers prefer shopping online, if you stack up the numerous advantages that it brings to them. The demand for faster delivery is not surprising, nor are the results that consumers are open for more technical innovations.”

So what can brick and mortar stores do to attract consumers? 42% want more
more click and collect options, 37% want to be able to check online what’s available in store and 36% want better deals. However, I’d like to emphasize the social aspect of shopping (16%). The online-shopper is a single individual in front of a screen; shopping in brick and mortar store involves friends and family. Consequently, brick and mortar stores need to address this by providing spaces that shoppers as a group can use. Examples are “chill-out-areas” where people can gather as group or mini-catwalks where friends can give fashion feedback without having the feeling to be marginalized (e.g., “parking area for husbands”). Let’s start working on this!

[1] https://internetretailing.net/delivery/delivery/same-day-delivery-most-wanted-and-most-expected-by-consumers-study-19560


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