How can you support small businesses in the corona crisis?

Small businesses are particularly affected by the corona crisis. So exactly those that make up the special flair of your neighborhood. Now creativity and your help is needed to help them surviving in these times.

What to do?

The answer is simple at first. Order online – but locally. This means that you should order from small local businesses instead of the big ones. You can also buy clothes, toys or books and jewelry without Amazon and Co.

Where to find them?

There are a number of initiatives that collect and provide information about companies. It may be a little more complicated to browse than Amazon, but it is fun and you can discover things that would otherwise have been overlooked on large platforms (in Austria):

Nunu KallerThe first point of contact to support Austrian trade and services in times of corona.

1000 things.atA list of what you can do to support local businesses

Wien hält zusammenInitiative of the City of Vienna

We also support small businesses with our qonnect app and offer the app free of charge. If you know small business for our app (or own one yourself), please contact us and we will put it on our platform. You can reach us at Also, if you happen to know about local initiatives, we’re more than happy to put them on our platform.

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