Hard Work Pays Off – Shortlisted for the 10 Most Promising CEOs of 2021

I’m deeply honored to be shortlisted on the “10 Most Promising CEOs of 2021” list by the editorial board of Industry Era magazine.

Our hard work of the past year has already brought us recognition in the European market: we were shortlisted by Martech Outlook for the top 10 Mobile Marketing Solution Providers in Europe.

This is a result of our strategy that rests on three pillars:

  1. We continuously introduce new products to our customers and test it on different markets. An example for this strategy is qBlog which has gained us customers from the US and Canada.
  2. We have strong partners like the MIT Group that help us reaching foreign markets like the MENA region. Their expertise provides us with valuable connections to potential customers and gives us market insights.
  3. Our technical expertise has been acknowledged in the past and we’re continuing with our research and development efforts in the Celtic Next project DISTINGO. Here, we’re partnering with European companies to work in the smart city domain.

We will continue to follow our motto “craftmanship: working like you care” and go the extra mile for customers.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels
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