Five reasons not to abandon your WhatsApp newsletter audience

After WhatsApp basically killed newsletter services, companies face a difficult situation in dealing with it. Some companies will just shrug and move on to another social media platform. However, your WhatsApp newsletter audience is special: they prefer a condensed info overview and value the direct access to information and services. Now simply abandoning your WhatsApp newsletter audience and not providing an alternative is a bad business decision, because

  1. You have spent much time and money for growing a community of users.
  2. Your users are used to get information in the WhatsApp newsletter way.
  3. Your users are have direct access to your services.
  4. It’s a extremely flexible solution for creating engaging messages.
  5. It’s your exclusive channel with your (and only your) content.

Wouldn’t it be great if there is an alternative available with the exact same qualities? We at IKANGAI offer such an alternative. The conversion of existing subscribers is simple: just send a link.

As a company you profit in several ways. You keep your audience, you benefit from additional features such as message formatting with Markdown and additional statistical data. And one more thing: our system is GDPR-compliant, since no personal data (phone number, etc.) are asked from the user.

Are you interested? We are happy to present our platform to you personally and offer a solution that is tailored to your needs.

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