Zero Install Apps

Many modern everyday tasks require the use of apps. However, these apps need to be downloaded and installed from Apps stores like Google Play, Apple App Store or Huawei App Gallery first. While this is not much work on the side of the user, users are often reluctant to install “yet another” app without having tried it out first.

With qonnect Zero Install Apps the download and installation step is not required. Users can immediately use apps without having them to install them first. All that is required is a simple link to start the app. These links are efficiently distributed with the help of digital touch points in such as barcodes, NFC, Bluetooth beacons, geo fences and the like. The benefit of this distributed “physical” app store approach is the convenience for users: they don’t need to search app stores for specific apps. Simply by interacting with the environment (e.g., by scanning a barcode), users can discover and make use of mobile apps.

Zero Install Apps are based on the qonnect low code platform. qonnect uses established web technologies like the progressive web app stack with service workers to create mobile apps.

Benefits of Zero Install Apps

  1. Easy Discovery. Zero Install Apps are are connected to digital touch points (e.g., QR-Codes NFC, geo location, Bluetooth, etc.) in various (physical) locations. This creates a distributed app store with many entry points for users so that they can discover digital services in their proximity.
  2. Low Entry Barrier. Users can directly start interacting with digital services, without having to install an app first: starting and finishing an experience becomes a matter of seconds. This lowers the entry barrier to services (users are tired of downloading and installing yet another app).
  3. Maximum Audience. Zero Install Apps work for any user on any platform. They are responsive and scale to fit any screen. Basically, any device that is capable of accessing the Internet with a browser can serve your app. This ubiquity means that you can give your app access to the widest possible audience.
  4. Lightweight Apps. Zero Install Apps use the progressive web app technology stack. Instead of dozens of megabytes, Zero Install Apps have several 100 kilobytes and are available within less than a second for the user.
  5. Seamless App Updates. The underlying progressive web app technology also facilitates app deployment and app updates. There is no need to go through approval processes. Apps and app updates become immediately available for users.
  6. No App-Store taxes. Since there are no app stores, there are no fees when digital services are offered to users.
  7. Simplified User Model. Zero Install Apps come with a lightweight user model: there are no registrations, user accounts are created automatically with anonymous identifiers. However, users can later decide to update their profile with data, if services require them.
  8. Cost effective. Development costs are lower in comparison with the development of native apps. Thus, there is no need to develop and app separately for every platform.
  9. Low-Code Solution. Zero Install Apps are created with the qonnect Low Code framework. (see it in action here with MAMA). You can create a basic app within less then two minutes.

Interested in Zero Install Apps for your business? Just contact us. Want to see a Zero Install App in action? Just open the IKANGAI blog app.


Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels


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