The brand new Boerseviertel App is your personal member card and replaces the current physical member card, starting in March


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Follow and stay up to date with the Boerseviertels society. The App will notify you about exclusive events and relevant news of the Boerseviertel.

Boerseviertel App Features


Always receive the latest news and updates of the Boerseviertel society and all of it's partners.


The filter system of the app guarantees that you only receive news and notifications that are of interests to you.

Member Card

Join the Boerseviertel society with one simple click. Starting in March the app will replace the current physical member card of the Boerseviertel.

Partners and Benefits

Become a Boerseviertel member and enjoy the many exclusive benefits of the society and all of it's partners.


The Boerseviertel society hosts interesting events for it's members on a regular basis. The app will notify you of all upcoming events so that you do not miss out on anything that might be of interest to you.

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