The best way to learn is to try something new and learn what is not working.

Research is an important part of our company philosophy. When participating in international applied research projects we stay on top of our game. This helps us to identify emerging technologies early on and check their applicability for our customers.

Technology Playground

We’re giving our customers a safe playground where novel technology solutions can be tried out with minimal (financial) risk. It paves the way to innovations that are more than a single step away and need time to mature before they can be applied to businesses.

Research Funding

A part of every research project is funding. We’ve many years of experience of applying for funding and have years of experience running international projects. We accompany our customers every step of the way. From the initial funding application, to reporting and reviews: we provide expertise and know how to deal with expectations of funding agencies.

Research Management

Running a research project involves many different skills, going beyong typical project management obligations. Our experts provide the necessary experience and skill set to help you running successful research projects.

Research Partnerships

Research projects are always collaborative efforts of several companies. With the help of our network of international companies we can find you the right project partners and the right setup for your research project.

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