Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service uses a PWA

Amazon Luna is Amazon’s cloud gaming platform that goes live for early access customers in October. The most interesting part is that Luna is a progressive web app for iOS. This approach lets Amazon circumvent Apple’s App Store fees.  As a user, you’ll simply download the PWA from the Luna website and install it on your home screen.

With the Luna PWA, Amazon is able to overcome a hurdle that is a roadblock for companies like Microsoft and Epic. Microsoft’s own game-streaming platform, xCloud, isn’t available on iOS. The reason is the 30 percent fee of the App store.

According to Luna’s head of engineering and technology George Tsipolitis:

We worked with the Safari team to ensure that some of the things that weren’t there are there, and that allowed us to kind of get to where we are today.

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Photo by Nino Yang on Unsplash

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