Call a BOX

Call a BOX is now live and online. The new innovative self storage system of our customer MediaPrint and Wenzel Logistics just officially launched. We at IKANGAI developed and implemented the app and the website.

Call a BOX uses the modern progressive web app technology stack that creates a seamless user experience from web to app. For call a BOX, we’ve devised a customized onboarding process that takes the user directly into the progressive web app. The process provides for the maximum flexibility: after the email confirmation, users can either install the progressive web app or decide to continue with the web version.

The call a BOX app also works perfectly on the desktop and tablets: all modern browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox support the addition progressive web apps to the desktop, homescreen respectively.

The progressive web app techology let’s us use a single codebase for mobile, tablet and desktop. Besides the obvious cost benefit, this has the added benefit of being able to roll out updates for all apps at once without going through different app store processes.


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