The Shopping Avatar Goes Life

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At the EUREKA Innovation Days in Helsinki we took the opportunity to introduce a working prototype of our Shopping Avatar, Mobile Personal Shopping Assistant, respectively, to a broader public. Our prototype shows how we envision the interaction of customers using a Mobile Shopping Assistant and a Micro Popup Store. At its core is the transfer (“offloading”) of the Mobile Personal Shopping Assistant to the Micro Popup Store. After the Mobile Personal Shopping Assistant is transferred from the mobile device of the customer to the Micro Popup Store, it provides recommendations to  the user based on the interests of the customer using the Read more...


qonnect and the GDPR

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Now that the GDPR is a month away, companies have accelerated their efforts to meet the requirements of this new European law. There are a number of things you have to consider. First of all, you have to explain your customers what your are doing with their personal data and must do it in a way that your customers understand this. Consent of your customers must be given freely, specific, informed and unambiguous. Any statement you make must be consistent with your practices, so be sure that you meet the needs of your business. You have to provide your contact Read more...


The Shopping Avatar

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Broadly defined, an “avatar” is a virtual being that represents a user in a virtual environment. This encompasses not only complex beings created for use in online gaming but any visual representation of a user in an online community [1]. However, avatars are most popular in online gaming, since they represent successful feats of users during games: experience points, skills, badges and so on. Typically, in a game, an Avatar evolves from a pre defined standard representation into a unique and richly developed virtual „individual” that users relate to. This is expressed by users endowing their avatars with virtual items Read more...


Corporation Customer Communication

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When communicating with customers, omotenashi can serve as guideline. It’s the Japanese way of good hosts making guests feel valued and respected by anticipating their needs while serving them well. On a customer journey you’ll find several moments where you can apply omotenashi: 1. interest: this is driven by a need or a desire. For example, a person might need a software tool to manage projects. This step is typically out of your reach, but you can prepare for this. You need to have provide access to content that is useful for your customers. The content should be genuine information Read more...


Nobody will download your App

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In the ever growing app market is has become more and more difficult to motivate people downloading an (your) App: the days when people downloaded an App because „there is an app for that“ are certainly over. What has happened? Nowadays, there is actually an App for „every that“ which has brought us several millions of Apps. In the process App Stores have become what is called Superstar markets. In contrast to long tail markets that follow a power law distribution with a considerable fat tail, Superstar markets follow the Pareto principle (also referred as 80/20 rule): a few hit Read more...


Will the Chatbot kill the Webshop?

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If Rob LoCascio [1] is to believed we are going to see major changes in the way e-commerce is conducted in the very near future, i.e., this year. Shop websites will eventually go away and make room for conversational interfaces (bots). I find this thought intriguing and I think there are already sings that this can actually happen sooner than later. How this will eventually play out is still not clear, but there are some writings on the wall that point towards conversational interfaces. Let’s start by briefly looking at how the current generation of Internet users engages with the Read more...


qonnect CHAT

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Chatbots have become the de facto standard for engaging with your customers on mobile devices. Available on the world’s largest chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, chatbots have conquered the world in storm and all major businesses are using them to engage with their customers. With qonnect CHAT your chatbot taps into the powerful language understanding AI system of the Microsoft Azure Cloud to create a natural way of interacting with your customers. qonnect CHAT will be rolling out over the coming weeks to our customers. When does your business start engaging customers?


How Physical Stores become more like Online Stores

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The US retail chain Nordstrom started to experiment with a small concept store that focuses on services and that doesn’t stock any inventory. It is a familiar concept that other many other businesses have used in the past: they created showrooms for their customers to try out their products. What has changed, however, is the amount of tech that can be applied in this kind of showrooms. By tapping into tools like mobile apps, interactive displays with conversational interfaces (“bots”) a showroom starts to generate valuable information about customers. This is exactly what happens on the Web with online stores. Read more...


Smart Environments = Edge Computing + Bots + AI

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The concept of smart environments can regarded as byproduct of pervasive computing with a strong focus on the interaction of humans and technology. Generally speaking, a smart environment is a physical world that is richly and invisibly interwoven with sensors, actuators, displays, and computational elements, embedded seamlessly in the everyday objects of our lives, and connected through a continuous network. [1]. Edge Computing is a recent development in distributed computing and basically pushes computation to the network edges rather than relying on centralized remote clouds that do all the computations. This distribution has a number of benefits, like fault tolerance, Read more...


Is EDGE Computing the next logical step in computing?

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In the comparably brief history of modern computing (70+ years or so) we went through several transformations. Without making a claim to be complete: we saw large single server systems (mainframe client-server systems) with dumb terminals, witnessed the personal desktop computer revolution in the 1970ies and 1980ies, the rise of the Web in the 1990ies (and with it client server systems became mainstream again) and in the 2000s mobile computing began conquering the world. The latter is particular interesting, since the mobile computing transformation is currently ongoing and is beginning to have effects on todays’s system architecture. A look a Read more...