A Four Step Strategy for Super Apps

Super apps are something you might have heard of if you live in the West. If you live in Asia, you’re probably using one since Super apps are most common in Asia. But what exactly are super apps? And what does this mean for your business strategy? Super apps are essentially a single platform for […]


The 4 Stages of Digital Transformation

Digital technologies play a transformative role in modern economic life. However, most companies are still struggling to understand how to capture the various types of value these technologies provide. It is not easy to develop a strategy that fully leverages the digital value of these technologies. Firms often assume that digital technology will bring about […]

digital transformation

What is Digital Transformation? Why is it so important?

Digital transformation refers to the strategic use of digital technologies. It is used to increase productivity and deliver better customer and employee experiences, manage risk and control costs. There are many tools, solutions and processes that enable digital transformation. A customized strategy for every organization is the best way to create an effective strategy. Without […]

Alan Turing

Alan Turing and the Uncomputable

Alan Turing (1912–1954) was the mastermind of some of the most significant scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs of the twentieth century. While he lived, the public had no idea that he was also a war hero whose astonishing feats of cerebration made him deserving of glory to rival that of the greatest Allied generals. Turing’s […]


What is the Klarna Super App?

The Swedish fintech Klarna has an app that offers the buyer everything: shopping, checking accounts and payment methods. Words like “revolution” are part of the normal vocabulary of Sebastian Siemiatkowski, the founder of Klarna. Klarna, is currently one of the most successful fintechs in all of Europe. Investors valued the start-up, which started as a […]

Not Invented Here Syndrome

What is the Not Invented Here Syndrome?

A seminal study in 1982 examined the behavior and performance of 50 R & D groups. The researchers described the phenomenon as Not Invented Here Syndrome (NIH syndrome) which is characterized by “the tendency of a project team of stable composition to believe that it has a monopoly on knowledge of its field which causes […]


What is an NFT?

This year, non-fungible tokens (NFT) have seemed to explode from out of nowhere. These digital assets, which include art and music as well as tacos and toilet papers, are being sold like 17th-century exotic Dutch Tulips — some for millions of dollars. Are NFTs worth the hype or the money? The opinions differ: some compare […]

Response Time

What is the expected Social Media Response Time?

Social media has given companies new ways to connect with customers. You can now connect with customers in real-time, monitor what your customers are saying, thinking, feeling, doing at any moment. This allows you to modify the messages and actions that your company is sending according the context of you customers. That’s the theory. But […]