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What is a GDPR-compliant Google Analytics Alternative?

Important Notice: Google Analytics has been declared illegal by the Austrian Data Protection Authority. You must switch to an alternative analytics service if you use Google Analytics and have EU-based website visitors. It is illegal to transmit EU Personal Data (IP and User Agent) to US-owned EU servers (e.g. AWS). Please take your time to read the entire ruling regarding Google Analytics being illegal.

Matomo is the most popular Google Analytics alternative. Matomo can be found on more than one million websites across 190 countries. They have Red Bull, NASA, the United Nations, the EU and NASA as clients.

Matomo will not compromise your site or make privacy compromises. Even better: you can even use it without needing to ask for consent. Matomo allows you to have 100% control over your data, so you can protect your users’ privacy. Therefore, Matomo is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Matomo has the same functionality as Google Analytics and is even better in some areas. Matomo provides real-time analytics, geolocation, A/B testing and userflows. It also tracks advertising campaigns and heatmaps. For a list of features go here.

Matomo offers all the reports that you would expect from an advanced analytics package, including:

1. Traffic sources
2. Pages viewed
3. Location in country/city
4. Pages for entry and exit
5. Keywords for site search
6. Visit duration
7. Bounce Rates
8. Software and devices used
9. Event tracking
10. Goal conversions

You can also use an existing solution such as WooCommerce or Magento to track your online sales. Ecommerce tracking is easy to set up and comes with pre-made integrations. The available ecommerce data is extensive and includes:

1. Products purchased
2. Total revenue
3. Subtotals can be ordered
4. Tax
5. Shipping
6. Get Discounts
7. Average Order Value (AOV).
8. Conversion rate for Ecommerce Orders
9. Carts abandoned

The basic integration of Matomo is quite simple: all you have to do is to add the JavaScript tracking code on your website. If you run a WordPress website, there is also WordPress application/plugin available. This plug-in installs directly into your website and offers basic reporting in your dashboard, as well as a fully featured app.

Overall, Matomo is probably the best Google Analytics alternative. 

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Photo by Susanne Jutzeler from Pexels
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