How to replace WhatsApp (from Facebook) Newsletters?

The upcoming renaming of WhatsApp in WhatsApp from Facebook sets the tone for the near future of  WhatsApp. There are many indications that there will be a common platform with Facebook. Changes to the terms and conditions and their possible effects can only be speculated, but there will certainly be changes.

A taste of changes to the terms and conditions (or changes to their application) is the ban of WhatsApp newsletters. This is a huge problem for companies: on December 7th, companies lose an efficient channel to inform subscribers via broadcast messages. The alternative offered by WhatsApp is to use their Business API. This is costly: every message costs of several cents. These numbers correspond approximately to the fees of conventional textmessaging services. This is a bit ironic: first WhatsApp offers free message delivery and pushes textmessaging services from the market. Then WhatsApp begins to charge for messages (at least by companies). Of course it is their right: the massive infrastructure costs money. And that needs to be earned.

So what do you do? We at IKANGAI offer a WhatsApp newsletter replacement. The conversion of existing subscribers is very simple: just send a link to the newsletter subscribers and point them to the alternative. As a company you profit in several ways. You keep your subscribers, you benefit from additional features such as message formatting with Markdown and statistical data. And one more thing: our system is GDPR-compliant, since no personal data (phone number, etc.) are asked from the user.

Are you interested? We are happy to present our platform to you personally and offer a solution that is tailored to your needs.


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