Not Invented Here Syndrome

What is the Not Invented Here Syndrome?

A seminal study in 1982 examined the behavior and performance of 50 R & D groups. The researchers described the phenomenon as Not Invented Here Syndrome (NIH syndrome) which is characterized by “the tendency of a project team of stable composition to believe that it has a monopoly on knowledge of its field which causes […]


Low-code Platforms and how they benefit Enterprises

Low-Code is a method of application development. Low-code, as its name suggests, allows developers to create applications using very little or no programming. This allows developers to do more difficult jobs while automating manual tasks. Instead of writing every single line of code, programmers can use built-in templates through a drag and drop visual interface, […]


The Importance of Prototyping for User Experience Design

The Prototyping stage is important for two main reasons. Designers can evaluate and test their ideas without having to go through the entire design process based on assumptions. Stakeholders feel confident about the final result’s success.  Prototyping is at the core of a participative design process. It shows “how it-works” and makes siloed processes more […]


Amazon’s Ambient Computing Platform

In 2017 Walt Mossberg predicted that technology would disappear into the background and that “ambient computing would become universal.” We are on the right track four years later, but it is still unclear what that term means for computers and how they will live. While many companies are working towards ambient computing visions, Amazon’s head […]


What are Citizen Developers?

Citizen development encourages employees who are not IT-trained to become software developers. They use NoCode/LowCode (LCNC) platforms that allow them to create business applications. This method of software development allows employees to become citizen developers, despite not having a formal education. They modify existing software programs to meet the needs of a specific user and […]

user experience strategy

Key Elements of User Experience Strategy

The satisfaction of customers is a key factor in the success of any product. It is difficult for any organization to survive in today’s highly competitive marketplace if its customers are not satisfied. User Experience (UX) is all about creating a pleasing user experience. The entire customer journey must be carefully planned and designed by […]


What is serverless computing exactly?

Serverless computing provides backend services on an “as-needed” basis. The serverless provider makes it easy to create and deploy code, without worrying about the infrastructure. The company that uses serverless services is charged according to their computation. It does not need to reserve or pay for a fixed amount bandwidth or number servers. Serverless does […]


Hiring a React Native Developer: What Should You Look For?

If you’re looking to hire a React Native developer, here are both the hard and soft skills you should be looking for. As of 2019, there were more than 204 billion mobile app downloads worldwide. Moreover, consumers spent over 23.4 billion U.S. dollars on mobile apps across all platforms – and that’s in Q1 of […]

Smart City Projekt XP

Im ITEA Projekt XP (Ephemeral Computing Service Plattform) wird eine digitale Plattform für Bürgerinnen und Bürger entwickelt. Eines der Hauptziele des Projektes ist die Einbindung von Bürgerinnen und Bürgern als aktive Beteiligte um die Plattform mitzugestalten. Dazu werden eigene (“No-Code”) Tools entwickelt um Services bzw. Apps auf der Plattform zu veröffentlichen. Diese Tools erfordern keinerlei […]

PWAs go VR

Facebook mentioned that they are planing to support Progressive Web Apps for their Oculus Browser. This is quite interesting since it opens new possibilites for PWAs. Of course, there are not many details available availale (yet) and it remains to be seen, how it actually works: I forgot to mention this yesterday: Oculus Browser may […]